AIBC Council Meeting Summary – January 12, 2016

At the January 12, 2016 council meeting, the AIBC Council dealt with the following items:

President’s Report
• New council members Michelle Rupp (LG Appointee) and John Bass (UBC SALA Representative) were welcomed.
• Events attended since the last council meeting: AIBC Recognition Ceremony, Intern Friendly event, CALA National Meeting, RAIC Metro Vancouver Chapter meeting and strategic planning session, and AIBC Holiday Open House.
• On behalf of the AIBC, the updated CALA Reciprocity Agreement was signed, eliminating differential fees for out-of-province architects in every jurisdiction.

Governance Committee
• Per the Governance Audit (completed January 2015), the Governance Committee presented an updated suite of governance policies, reorganized and realigned further to the policy governance model. The council-approved policies will be posted to the website shortly, and a presentation on the Governance Audit itself will be made at the Annual Meeting.
• The committee will next review motions that should be captured as council policy, as well as a policy monitoring process and schedule.

Act Review Working Group
• Meetings continued with the Ministry of Advanced Education. Discussion covered the priority elements put forth by the AIBC.

Finance Committee
• The annual audit is nearing completion, with no adjustments yet being proposed.

Registration & Licensing Board Liaison Report
• Sean Rodrigues has completed his term as President of the CACB Board. The new president is Ron Kirkwood Architect AIBC, NTWA.
• The 74 Vancouver and Victoria ExAC candidates who wrote their exams in November will be notified mid- February of their results. A number of Oral Reviews will likely follow.
• Ten people signed up to write the AT exam.
• Oral assessments for BEA applicants will be coordinated in January and February.

CEO Report

• The council-approved 2016 budget incorporated a 3% increase. As at the end of December, 23% of the total amount invoiced was received. (Note at the time of this posting, approximately 95% of invoices were received prior to the Feb 1 deadline.)
• The November 2015 CALA Meeting addressed several items: 1) Further work regarding accreditation was required, 2) A dedicated CALA support person was approved in principle, 3) AIBC’s proposal to process APEC Architects was reviewed for approval by each regulator’s council (nearly all done as of the time of writing).
• Meeting with incoming RAIC ED Jodi Ciufo and President Allan Teramura was held. Of interest, their top priority is updating the Canadian Handbook of Practice.
• More than 150 guests participated in the annual AIBC Open House.

• Preliminary statistics from the Professional Conduct and Illegal Practice department indicate that the number of illegal practice infractions/inquiries was similar to last year. However, the number of files opened and resolved doubled.

Engagement 3.0
• Engagement 3.0, the third installment of AIBC’s engagement initiative, focused on external stakeholders. A series of questions was posed about “the AIBC” and the “profession of architecture/architects”. The feedback provided a window to the views of our external stakeholders. The Public Outreach Committee will take this information into consideration as it charts its next steps.

Register Update
• Council approved a motion at the last council meeting to establish qualifications for “student affiliates” and discontinued “student associates”. The register is now clear of the discontinued student associate class.

Other Business
• Motions were passed for committee changes, examination results and register amendments as well as terms of reference.


Read adopted November 10 council meeting minutes.

The next regular meeting of AIBC Council is scheduled for March 8, 2016. It will be held at the AIBC office between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. For those interested in attending an AIBC Council Meeting, please confirm your attendance in advance by email to

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