Bylaw Amendments Now in Force

The bylaw amendments supported by members and honorary members who participated in the AIBC’s electronic vote (November 16 to December 10, 2015) have successfully passed the provincial government’s “disallowance” period and are now in effect. The three bylaw amendments are:

  • Bylaw 19.1 (amended) – The amendment of an existing bylaw in order to set quorum at 40 members for AIBC annual meetings;
  • Bylaw 38.0 and 38.1 (new) – The establishment of two bylaws to reinforce the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as the core ‘standards’ document with respect to the conduct, discipline, standards and honour of the profession of architecture in British Columbia; and
  • Multiple bylaws (CEO) (amended) – The amendments to 16 bylaws changes the former title of Executive Director to “Chief Executive Officer (CEO)” to modernize institute governance.

The AIBC’s Bylaws document has been updated to include these changes. This updated document, dated January 27, 2016, is available through the AIBC web site.

Updates to AIBC documentation with the CEO title have started and will continue to roll out until completion.

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