CES Reporting Period Deadline: Five Months Remaining to Earn and Report LUs

Top 5 Ways to Earn LUsFive Ways to Earn Learning Units (LUs) for Your Continuing Education System (CES) Requirements

  1. Attend AIBC Registered Educational Provider (REP) Events (LUs reported by AIBC)
    The AIBC Registered Educational Provider program provides opportunities for members to obtain LUs that are pre-approved by the AIBC. At REP events you will be asked to sign an attendance record, this attendance record will be submitted to the AIBC and the LUs will be reported to your account on your behalf. For more information on our REPs and a complete list of AIBC providers, please visit the REP page on the AIBC website. For a list of upcoming REP events, check out AIBC eNews which has the most up-to-date listings of REP events.
  2. Attend the AIBC Annual Conference (LUs reported by AIBC)
    The 2016 AIBC Annual Conference will be at the Vancouver Convention Centre from Monday, May 16 to Wednesday, May 18. This year’s conference theme is Building A Resilient Future and includes a keynote presentation, plenary session, seminars, workshops and movie night – all of which will be eligible for core and non-core LUs. Please visit the AIBC website for more information. Conference registration will open in March.
  3. Read Online Articles (Self-reported LUs)
    There are a number of online learning opportunities that might be helpful to you. Please note the two different ways to report the reading of online articles. One method is completing a quiz after you have completed the article. A quiz with an article can be reported as core if the topic presented in the article complies with the guidelines for core topics in Bulletin 80. Any articles that are not accompanied by a quiz, even if the topic is a core topic, is only eligible to be reported as non-core. Please see Bulletin 80 for more details. Some suggested online continuing education sources:
    AEC Daily
    Architect Magazine
    Architectural Record
    Red Vector
  4. Become a Volunteer (Self-reported non-core opportunities and non-core LUs reported by AIBC)
    Becoming a volunteer is a great way to gain non-core LUs and help out the architectural community. A member can only report eight maximum volunteer LUs per two-year reporting period, and these do not carry over to the next reporting period. There are many different volunteer opportunities, here are examples of the most reported types:
    Sitting on AIBC Council, board, committee, task force or working group; or representative to a professional organization, or municipal design panel (LUs reported by AIBC) – You are eligible for one LU, per one year of the reporting period (maximum two LUs per two-year reporting period).
    Be an AIBC Mentor (Self-reported LUs) – You are eligible to self-report one LU, per intern that you mentor through the AIBC mentoring program, per year of a reporting period (up to a maximum of two LUs per reporting period). You must be listed as the intern’s mentor on our AIBC records.
    Community Committees (Self-reported LUs) – There are many architecturally relevant committees in the community that you may sit on and report for LUs, similar to AIBC committees you are only eligible to report up to two LUs per committee, per reporting period. The only requirement is that the committee be architecturally relevant.
  5. Attend Other Architecturally Relevant Events (Self-reported LUs)
    A member is eligible to report any learning activities that they participate in as long as they feel they correspond and are inline with the guidelines laid out in Bulletin 80. Attend architectural events around town, and self-report the LUs when you do. Make sure to fill in the self-report form with as much detail as you are able, and keep backup documentation that you attended the event. Please ensure any events that you are self-reporting are NOT an AIBC event or an REP event. If you are unsure, please contact the event provider or review our list of REPs.

Please note: All self-reported submissions are considered on an individual basis and are subject to review and approval by the AIBC’s Professional Services Department. CES participants may be asked to provide supporting documentation in order to support the validity of their self-reported learning activities.

AIBC-registered architects and architectural technologists are reminded that the AIBC’s Mandatory CES two-year reporting period’s deadline is Thursday, June 30, 2016. This means participants must ensure they earn a total of 36 LUs for the two-year period.

For your convenience, an FAQ has been posted on the AIBC website to address commonly-asked questions.

Should you have any additional questions or require assistance, please contact Chloe Bouskill, professional development coordinator at cbouskill@aibc.ca.

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