Re-Imagining Urban Form and Policy in a Global Economy – The (Im)possibility of Design

UBC SCARP Urban Design Forum Mar 10-11, 2016This symposium examines the linkages between global capital flows, urban policy initiatives, the waxing and waning of local democratic control, and the urban form that these three interacting factors make manifest.

At the same time that cities like Vancouver, London, Dubai, and New York become festooned with glittering high rise “cash boxes in the sky”, places like Mumbai, India and Surrey, BC double their population in just a few decades – a growth fueled by the intra and extra national migration of people of far more modest means.
How do we makes sense of this? In that attempt, relevant questions that this symposium will explore include: Is it possible to combine top-down, highly organized and performance-oriented urban design strategies, with bottom-up more individualized grassroots and entrepreneurial approaches? Which of these approaches is more ecologically sustainable, more politically practical, and more economically astute? How can new forms of governance, urban policy and planning enable the emergence of alternative urban design outcomes? What is the role of design in the imagination and construction of resilient and democratic urban districts?

We hope that our forum will shed light on the dramatic changes occurring in our urban landscapes, and suggest ways to make them better.

Additional information regarding the symposium is available online.

Date: March 10-11, 2016
AIBC Learning Units (LUs): March 10 – 6.5 non-core LUs; March 11 – 7 non-core LUs

Clarification (Feb 23, 2016): This event is not self-reported. You will be asked to sign an attendance record at this event and your attendance will be submitted to the AIBC where the LUs will be reported to your account on your behalf.

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