Update: Bulletin 01: Fees, Fines and Charges

An updated version of Bulletin 01: Fees, Fines and Charges is now posted and will take effect as of January 1, 2016. This version will replace the November 18, 2014 edition. AIBC Council has approved the fees, fines and charges for AIBC registrants contained in the latest version of Bulletin 01.

The objectives of this revision is to provide more information, improve clarity and enhance the reader’s use and understanding of the relevant issues.

Significant updates include:

  1. A modest increase in annual renewal, across all categories. The 3% increase will enable the AIBC to address and meet the goals set out in the Strategic Plan.
  2. A change to annual renewal payments paid after February 1. Registrants (architects, associates, firms and temporary licensees) who remit their annual renewal payment after the February 1 due date are subject to an increased annual fee. The increase is 25% of the full annual renewal.
  3. The addition of defined dollar amounts for annual thresholds pertaining to Bulletin 03. Defined amounts regarding waivers and reduction of annual renewal fees were removed from Bulletin 03 and replaced with a reference to Bulletin 01 where thresholds will be provided annually.

Annual renewal payments can be made upon receipt of invoice notices which are scheduled to be sent out shortly.

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