BC Energy Code Compliance Evaluation: Focus Group Phase

You are invited to complete a questionnaire and attend a Focus Group on the evaluation of compliance with BC energy codes.

This is part of an independent evaluation of compliance with the energy efficiency standards for buildings, except low-rise residential buildings, referenced by the BC Building Code since December 2013 and the Vancouver Building Bylaw in January 2014. The evaluation is being conducted on behalf of a working group comprising of building inspectors, government officials, professional associations and energy utility representatives who are interested in the state of code compliance with energy requirements and its impact on local and provincial goals such as energy conservation and GHG reduction.

An online survey was conducted earlier in 2015. A subsequent focus group discussion will take place in fall 2015.

Please complete the fillable PDF questionnaire and return it by November 6, 2015 to khaines@rdh.com.

The contractor, RDH Building Engineering Ltd. will summarize the results of the questionnaires and will not attribute comments to particular names.

We will notify respondents on the date of the face-to-face meeting. An $20 gift card aligned with “Power Smart” month will be provided to the first 30 people that complete the questionnaire and also attend the Focus Group.

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