2015 AIBC Annual Conference: Featured Sessional Speakers

The 2015 Annual Conference – What’s Now – Insights and Directions will be held from October 28 – 30, 2015 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The conference features plenary sessions, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and an industry exhibitor show. Meet some of our featured speakers below!

Josh Zabel

Josh ZabelArchitectural Composites – New Session!
Session F5 – (1.5 Core LUs)

Josh is the Vice President of Business Development at Kreysler & Associates, a world-class composites fabrication facility. Since 1981, they have specialized in architectural composites, large scale artwork, and digital fabrication. Some of their work includes, sets for Star Wars, fish tanks for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, acoustic panels and building facades. As building codes are starting to catch up, and digital design tools become more widespread, the doors are rapidly opening to building with fiberglass and other composites.
Join Josh at Session F5 – Architectural Composites.

Newsha Ghaeli

Newsha GhaeliSensing and Actuating
Session F12 – (1.5 Core LUs)

Newsha, a Fellow at the The MIT Senseable City Lab, will present projects exemplary of how digital technologies are changing our understanding of the urban realm. The MIT Senseable City Lab was founded in 2005 as a joint venture between The MIT Media Lab and The MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning. The Lab investigates the possibility for new technologies to transform the analysis, design, and ultimately the inhabitation of urban space, while working with industry partners, governments, citizens & disadvantaged communities.
Join Newsha at Session F12 – Sensing and Actuating.

Andrew Bay BA (Econ.), CFP

Andrew BayThe Affluent Architect
Session F15 – (1.5 Core LUs)

Andrew is President and founder of Bay Wealth Management of The Investors Group. BWM was created to work exclusively with Engineering, Architectural and Development Associations, along with the firms and professionals they represent. For over 20 years, Andrew has worked advising Industry leaders and young professionals on business management, ownership and all associated financial planning needs. BWM provides one-on-one consultation, accredited education opportunities and Financial Literacy Workshops.
Join Andrew at Session F15 – The Affluent Architect.

Lara Kaufman Architect CA, LEEP AP

Lara KaufmanThe Social Life of Digital Design
Session F10 – (1.5 Core LUs)

Lara is a Senior Architect and Project Manager for Snøhetta. She is currently working on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Expansion. Learn how design that encourages social engagement and interaction benefits from both the larger scale planning moves as well as the smaller scale details. This presentation includes stories of recent Snøhetta and Kreysler & Associates projects, considering architecture through the lens of innovative fabrication techniques & collaboration with cross-disciplinary partners.
Join Lara at Session F1 – The Social Life of Digital Design.

Visit the 2015 AIBC Annual Conference website to view all of our amazing speakers.

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