AIBC Council Meeting Summary – 08 September 2015

At the 08 September 2015 council meeting, the AIBC Council dealt with the following items:

Council Motions
• Council endorsed the Bylaw Review Committee’s 2015-2018 work plan and approved motions on two bylaw initiatives. The first is in regards to a trio of administrative bylaw matters. The second, larger initiative pertains to investigations and discipline bylaws. Information regarding the bylaw amendments along with supporting rationales, and how to participate (via information sessions, and feedback forms) is posted on the AIBC website along with the BRC’s work plan.
• Council approved the motion that telephone or other electronic participation by councilors signifies they are “present” for the purpose of participating in and voting at council meetings.
• Council approved the motion that Council Meeting Rules be reviewed along with other documents, as required.
• Council approved the motion to prepare and forward thank you letters to recently resigned Lieutenant Governor appointees, Steve Simons and Mark Zacharias, in recognition of their contributions to the AIBC.
• Council approved the motion excusing Lieutenant Governor appointee David Toole’s absences from the previous three council meetings, further to section 12(c) of the Architects Act.
• Motions were also passed for committee changes, examination results and register amendments as well as terms of reference.

Other Business
• Planning for 2016 budget has commenced.
• Engagement 3.0 was approved by council and is currently underway. Whereas Engagement 1.0 and 2.0 focused on internal stakeholders, Engagement 3.0 involves canvassing key external stakeholders for their opinions on the role and value of the AIBC and the architectural profession at large. A final report will be prepared later this fall. The results of which will inform and shape the strategy for the larger AIBC Public Outreach Initiative.
• Extranet (Sharepoint) is being rolled out to all committees and will greatly assist with the distribution of documents.
• Per Council Communications policy, a Crisis Communications Plan has been developed to deal with crisis situations, issues and events.

Read adopted 11 August 2015 council meeting minutes.
• The next regular meeting of AIBC Council is scheduled for 10 November 2015. It will be held at the AIBC office between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. For those interested in attending an AIBC Council Meeting, please confirm your attendance in advance by email to

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