Preparing for Emergency Events – Post-Disaster Safety Assessment Program

With the recent earthquake in Chile, we are reminded of the need in B.C. to be prepared for an emergency event. In 2014, B.C.’s Auditor General published a report that the province is underprepared for a major earthquake. View or download the report: BC Auditor General’s Report from March 2014.

Following the release of this report, a series of public consultations took place. The AIBC’s Post-Disaster Safety Assessment Committee submitted feedback during this process and the results were published in December 2014. View or download the report: The Earthquake Preparedness Consultation Report.

Architects can participate as post-disaster volunteers to assist municipalities and regional districts in quickly assessing buildings for damage. This is critical, as getting people out of shelters and back into their homes as well as getting businesses up and running is key to recovery.

The AIBC is currently working to establish a training and certification program in B.C., in line with the California Safety Assessment Program (SAP) established in the United States.

At the 2015 AIBC Annual Conference Post Disaster SAP Training Workshop (session W1), we will be offering our next opportunity to train individuals interested in being volunteers in this program. Architects, intern architects, architectural technologists and other interested individuals are invited to attend the workshop on Wednesday October 28, 8.30a.m.-5p.m.

To register for the workshop and for additional information, please visit our 2015 AIBC Annual Conference website.

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