Connecting Canada’s BIM Communities: buildingSMART Canada Launches Its Affiliates Initiative

bSC has launched its Affiliates initiative, which is aimed at building and strengthening the Canadian community of excellence for a better built environment based on open standards for BIM. This will be achieved in part by connecting local and regional BIM interest groups across Canada and opening up membership to individuals at no cost.

bSC understands that regional differences in the Canadian construction industry make it difficult to create a solution that is “one-size fits all”. The building industry being of provincial jurisdiction, all the while being strongly influenced at the national and municipal levels, bSC’s Affiliates initiative aims to create a dynamic community of excellence to develop and promote the use of open standards for BIM in Canada that are appropriate and fulfill these regional needs.

bSC Affiliates will remain independent and have no financial obligations towards – or any expectations from bSC. The intent is to grow the group of members who share the same goals organically while mutually expanding opportunities for sponsorship and support. The Affiliates initiative will provide a shared channel of communications for grassroots stakeholders to remain current with Canadian and international activity and enhance consistent messaging. bSC Affiliates will have first access to the most current news and information on international and national BIM standards and better project delivery practices in Canada as well as have input into the development of Canadian and international standards. bSC Affiliates will also get support from experts engaged with the national body to grow and develop their local or regional community.

Any local or regional organization supporting better practices and better outcomes for the building industry can join buildingSMART Canada as a bSC Affiliate. The initiative not only aims to build on existing local communities but can assist in setting up and developing communities in locations where none are currently in place. bSC Affiliates in turn will share the vision and goals of inter-operability and open standards for BIM while remaining vendor neutral (i.e. representing technological and process solutions from multiple vendors) and promoting the use of open standards for BIM.

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