buildingSMART Canada Announces Free Membership

bSC has revised its membership structure and is now offering free membership to individuals wanting to get actively involved in and contribute to the movement towards a better built environment for Canada as laid out in the Roadmap to Lifecycle BIM in the Canadian Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners and Operations (AECOO) Community published by bSC in January 2015. The call to action, issued through the IBC/bSC Roadmap to lifecycle BIM, involves a movement that must be undertaken with the full engagement, active involvement and continual support from the Canadian AECOO community. This will be done through the creation of a national community of excellence for the built environment which builds on the beliefs and capabilities of bSC’s members and includes bSC’s new Affiliates initiative.

By joining buildingSMART Canada, individuals become part of a growing community that is implementing collaborative working best practices in Canada and around the world. Members can link up to a worldwide community of practitioners, owners and software developers that are shaping the future with BIM and participate in the development of standards, protocols and programmes through working groups centered on activities described in the Roadmap to Lifecycle BIM. They can also stay abreast of innovative practices and improved project delivery processes through the creation of a national community of excellence. Members will have access to this growing pan-Canadian support network, whose agenda is transparent and aimed at an ambitious yet achievable goal: promoting and enabling the movement towards a better built environment for Canada through the development and use of open standards for BIM.

To sustain the movement, buildingSMART Canada is relying on financial support from Sponsors and Supporters. Sponsors are integral to the operation and activities of buildingSMART Canada. These companies and firms are leaders in the Canadian BIM community, and showcase their commitment to open BIM standard development in Canada. Supporters help facilitate the operations and activities of buildingSMART Canada and are committed to the buildingSMART mandate to see BIM adopted alongside well established open BIM standards. If you are interested in becoming a supporter or a sponsor, please visit our website.

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