Next Round of Oral Reviews and Oral Review Preparation Workshop

Three dates have now been set for the next round of oral reviews: Thursday October 15, Tuesday October 20 and Tuesday November 17. The oral review is an interview-based examination open to Intern Architects who have:

  • Completed and logged at least 2800 hours; and
  • Completed the required AIBC courses.

Oral reviews are also open to those Alternative Qualifications Candidates who have:

  • Successfully completed their Oral Assessment;
  • Successfully completed all oral assessment panel recommendations and/or requirements; and
  • Completed the six required AIBC courses.

Applications, along with an employer’s letter and fee payment, must be received by Thursday October 1, 2015. Eligibility will be confirmed by the Registration and Licensing Department.

For complete details and to download the application form.

Oral Review Preparation Workshop

A free Oral Review Preparation Workshop will be held on Monday September 28, 2015 at 6 p.m. Please RSVP at Questions about the oral reviews and workshop can be directed to Belinda Chao, Admissions Coordinator, at or 604-683-8588 ext. 324.

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