2015 AIBC Annual Conference: Plenary Session Explores Four Different Approaches in Defining Architecture of Place

2015 AIBC Annual Conference: Oct 29, 2015 Plenary Session Architecture of Place

Architecture of Place
October 29, 2015 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Architecture says something about the land and its people; it defines a place and the behaviour of its inhabitants by providing a sense of identity.

In this era of globalization, construction systems defined by constantly evolving technologies, speed of construction and demands for economy and efficiency, architects are faced with many variables to bring together into the design practice.

Join this panel and explore four different approaches to the definition of “place” including:

  • Master planning concepts for the city of Surrey;
  • District scale sustainability in the form of Eco Districts;
  • Global place-making from a small scale regionalist approach incorporating traditions of craft and contextualism; and
  • Impact of modern development in Northern communities.

Register now for the Architecture of Place plenary session.

Visit the 2015 AIBC Annual Conference website for full details and to view conference pricing information.

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