AIBC Awards Presented to BCIT Graduates

AIBC Awards Presented to 2015 BCIT Graduates
Congratulations to the five BCIT graduates who received AIBC awards totaling $3,000 at the school’s graduating awards ceremony on June 18, 2015.

The AIBC is one of BCIT’s oldest awards donors, and its commitment to supporting top students has been in place since the AIBC awards were first established in 1966.

This year’s awards were presented by AIBC CEO Mark Vernon to the following students:

  • Andrew Martins – AIBC Achievement Award ($500) – top student from Building Science or Architecture going into the degree program;
  • Francis Garcia – AIBC Achievement Award in Architectural Science ($750) – “Most Improved” student in the degree program;
  • Casey Conway – AIBC Award in Architecture ($500) – “Most Improved” student in the diploma program;
  • Noah Covington-Jarvis – AIBC Award in Architectural Science ($750 and medallion) – top student in the degree program; and
  • Emily Huser – AIBC Award in Architecture ($500 and medallion) – top student in the diploma program.

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