Bylaw Amendments Now in Force

The bylaw amendments supported by members and honorary members who participated in the AIBC’s first electronic vote (March 30 to April 24, 2015) have successfully passed the provincial government’s “disallowance” period and are now in effect. The three bylaw amendments are:

  • Bylaw 18.2 (repealed) – This bylaw related to how special meetings of council (unscheduled meetings) were called by AIBC Council. In 2012, the bylaw language was adopted as a council rule;
  • Bylaw 19.2 (amended) – The amendment provides a mechanism for continuation of AIBC meetings, including annual meetings, to allow for a more reasonable and modern rescheduling date; and
  • Bylaw 3.6 (amended) – The amendment includes the addition of a bylaw that designates the AIBC’s executive director as the “head” of the institute for freedom of information purposes.

The AIBC’s Bylaws document has been updated to include these changes. This updated document, dated June 15, 2015, is available through the AIBC web site.

Read more about the bylaw review process for electronic voting for council elections and bylaws amendments.

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