Maura Gatensby Receives BOABC Jim Robison Award

Congratulations to Maura Gatensby, Architect AIBC, Practice Advisor at the AIBC, recipient of the Building Officials’ Association of BC (BOABC) Jim Robison Award.

The award was presented at the 60th Annual BOABC conference held in May 2015. The Jim Robison Award was given in recognition of Maura’s contributions, on behalf of the AIBC, to building code education throughout many code changes and in particular the 2012 BC Building Code 9.36 Energy Efficiency and 9.32 Ventilation amendments that came into effect December 2014.

The Jim Robison award honours a member of the association or a member of the building industry for significant contributions to the code development activities and goals of the BOABC. The award is not presented annually as it is given only when notable achievement warrants exceptional recognition.

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