Equity by Design: The Missing 32% Project Releases Complete Findings on Women in Architecture

By Wanda Lau
Architect Magazine, May 18, 2015

ArchitectMag_EquityByDesignArchitecture is a not a profession for the weak-hearted, but a recent report sheds some new light on the different obstacles female and male designers face in their careers. AIA San Francisco’s Equity by Design (EQxD) committee, formerly known as The Missing 32% Project, has released a full report of its findings from its 2014 Equity in Architecture Survey following its Equity by Design Hackathon workshop at the annual AIA Convention last week in Atlanta. EQxD had released preliminary results from the 90-question survey at its symposium in San Francisco last fall.

(Image: AIA San Francisco’s Equity by Design committee released preliminary results from their survey at a symposium last fall. Courtesy of Architect Magazine, photo by Jen Tai.)

The 53-page Equity by Design: Knowledge, Discussion, Action! report, published by AIA San Francisco, begins by reviewing the gender makeup in architecture schools and the profession historically. Women make up 42 percent of graduates from programs accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board, but only 28 percent of architectural staff in AIA member–owned firms, 26 percent of licensed architects (who are not principals or partners), and 17 percent of principals and partners. Read more…

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