Annual Meeting Summary

The 96th AIBC Annual Meeting was held on 02 May 2015, at Simon Fraser University (Segal Building), Vancouver. Once quorum (96) was met, AIBC Council president Scott Kemp Architect AIBC opened the meeting. More than 130 registrants and guests were in attendance.

The 2015 Annual Meeting Booklet and PowerPoint slide deck are posted on the AIBC website. For ease of reference, where applicable, page and slide numbers corresponding to the Booklet and slide deck will be included in the highlights below.

– Pierre Gallant Architect AIBC, said a few words on behalf of the RAIC Vancouver chapter
– Newly registered members and associates were welcomed to the meeting and the AIBC. A list of names scrolled across the screen as those in attendance were asked to stand. Names are listed in the PowerPoint slide deck, slides 5-12.
– A new audience response system was utilized this year. The hand-held devices were used by eligible members to cast votes on the various motions put forth during the meeting.
– Following the meeting call to order, the close of elections was announced. Five candidates were elected by acclamation to council. The 2015/2016 AIBC Council including officers and invited guests to council.
– The 95th AIBC Annual Meeting Minutes, held May 3 2014, were adopted.
– A moment of silence was held in recognition of the AIBC members and other registrants who passed away in the previous year. A list can be found in the PowerPoint slide deck, slide 35.
– Honorary membership for Mr. Bogue Babicki was approved by the required 4/5ths majority. Nomination information is found in the 2015 Annual Meeting Booklet, pages 17-26.
– AIBC Council president Scott Kemp Architect AIBC presented his report entitled “Getting It Done”. The President’s Report, included in the 2015 Annual Meeting Booklet, can be found on pages 27-29.
– Filing of the annual audited financial statements and appointment of the auditor Wolrige Mahon LLP were followed by the Treasurer’s Report, presented by AIBC councilor and finance committee member Catherine Nickerson Architect AIBC, in lieu of AIBC treasurer Danica Djurkovic Architect AIBC. The financial statements and Treasurer’s Report are located on pages 31-49 and 51-58, respectively, in the 2015 Annual Meeting Booklet.
– Councilor Gordon Richards Architect AIBC, on behalf of AIBC registrar Karl Gustavson Architect AIBC, delivered the Registrar’s Report, pages 59-62. The two tables charting 2010-2014 Register Tally and Means of Registration were presented.
– There were three presentations on council initiatives. Please refer to the Annual Meeting PowerPoint slide deck, pages 63-110.
o AIBC Council president Scott Kemp Architect AIBC gave an update on the organization’s strategic plan and presented the institute’s updated mandate, vision, values and goals.
o AIBC Council vice president Darryl Condon Architect AIBC summarized the Strategic Engagement Committee’s activities.
o The Diverse Membership Working Group presentation was given by AIBC councilor Mona Jahedi Architect AIBC.

– As at past annual meetings, the floor was opened to the Members’ Forum. The sole motion brought forward requested council to consider mandatory professional liability insurance for all members. The motion passed.

– Thank you to those who attended and participated, to AIBC staff and to registered professional parliamentarian, Mr. Eli Mina.

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AIBC Council Meeting Summary – 02 May 2015

Prior to the 02 May 2015 council meeting, the 96th AIBC annual meeting was held. During the annual meeting, the 2015/2016 AIBC Council was announced.

Following the annual meeting, the 2015/2016 AIBC Council met and dealt with the following items:

AIBC Officers and Invited Guests to Council

One of the first orders of council business was to fill the officer positions and invited guests to council.

AIBC Officers

  • President: Darryl J. Condon Architect AIBC
  • Vice President: Danica Djurkovic Architect AIBC
  • Treasurer: Karl W. Gustavson Architect AIBC
  • Registrar*: Joan Hendriks Architect AIBC

*The registrar, a non-voting officer position on council, can be held by a council member or an AIBC staff member provided they are an Architect AIBC. This year, AIBC Director of Registration and Licensing, Joan Hendriks Architect AIBC, was appointed to the position.

Invited Guests to Council

  • Immediate past president: Scott Kemp Architect AIBC. Council policy 3.12 details the role of the immediate past president.
  • Intern Architect Liaison. The sole intern architect candidate withdrew their nomination prior to the annual meeting; therefore, the intern architect liaison to council position remains vacant. A recommendation from staff will be put forward to council for consideration.
  • Architectural Technologist Liaison: Michael Currie Architectural Technologist AIBC returns to complete the second year of his two year term.
  • IDIBC Liaison. This position is vacant.

AIBC Council President Opening Remarks

The 2015/2016 AIBC Council president Darryl J. Condon Architect AIBC thanked immediate past-president Scott Kemp Architect AIBC for his leadership and he looked forward to Scott’s continued involvement and mentorship.

Darryl was honoured to be elected to council and as president. He emphasized his goal for significant headway on the three areas of Act Review, Public Outreach and creating a diverse membership. He also noted that the annual meeting was an important opportunity to hear from members, particularly about the topic of insurance.

Acknowledging that a substantial amount of work accomplished this year was, in part, a result of the collaborative nature between council, staff and members, Darryl reaffirmed that this approach will continue to serve as a guide for the slate of projects before council.

Registration Board and Council Committees

AIBC Councilor Mona Jahedi Architect AIBC was reappointed to the Registration Board. In addition, current Registration Board members were reappointed for the coming year.

In keeping with best practices for not-for-profit and corporate governance models the following amendments were adopted:

  • A Human Resources Committee was introduced to deal with issues related to staff and the CEO.
  • The monitoring of the strategic plan was determined to better sit with the Governance Committee.
  • And as a result of these two changes, the Operational Constraints Committee was disestablished.

Council participation was mapped out for the numerous council committees.

Read the council committee Terms of Reference which includes a list of participants.


Motions were passed for committee changes, examination results and register amendments as well as terms of reference.

Read adopted 10 March 2015 council meeting minutes.

The next official meeting of AIBC Council is scheduled for 14 July 2015. It will be held at the AIBC offices between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Members, associates and the public are welcome to attend. Please confirm your attendance in advance by contacting Executive Coordinator Tracy Tough by e-mail (