Food for thought: the best pavilions of Expo Milan 2015

By Giovanna Dunmall
Wallpaper, May 8, 2015

Wallpaper_ItalyPavillionExpoItaliaThe global architectural extravaganza that is the World Expo is once again upon us and it is Milan’s turn to play host.

The original master-planners, a team that included Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, walked out in 2011 after their vision for a new typology of the Expo, one based on content rather than the individualist (and often propagandist) architecture of national pavilions, was rejected by the organisers.

(Image: ‘The Nursery of Italy’ The Palazzo Italia faces the Piazza d’Acqua (the Water Square) in the design of the host country’s pavilion. Photo: (copyright) Nemesi&Partners, courtesty of Wallpaper)

The results – despite much decried construction delays and other colourful scandals – were in turn demented, elegant, garish and at times audacious; a sort of global Eurovision song contest in building form. Often the exhibition’s avowed theme, Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life, seemed merely an excuse to have a restaurant outlet and/or a shop selling national produce. Read more…

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