Role Call: City of Duncan Advisory Design Panel (New ADP)

The AIBC’s Design Panel Committee is seeking volunteers to serve on the newly-formed City of Duncan Advisory Design Panel. The role of an advisory design panel member is to give impartial, professional advice directly on any proposal or policy affecting the community’s physical environment in the public interest. Duncan is the urban centre of the Cowichan Valley, and has a vibrant, unique downtown core. The Panel will review development applications for a variety of projects, including residential development consisting of five or more units, commercial or mixed use development, and any design-related policies, such as Development Permit Area Guidelines. While sustainable design credentials are not mandatory for this role, Duncan’s commitment to environmental sustainability would be well-served if applicants possess a working knowledge of sustainable building design and practice.

To learn more about the procedures for serving on a panel, please refer to the following documents:

Please fill out an interactive application form and forward your submissions to the attention of Professional Services Coordinator Alexandra Kokol by email (

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