Members Approve Three Bylaw Amendments by Electronic Vote

The AIBC’s three administrative bylaw amendments put forward for electronic vote have received strong approval from the institute’s voting members. The requisite 2/3 support for each of the three bylaws was received. The approval rates are as follows:

  • Bylaw 18.2 at 95 per cent
    Repeal of a bylaw that relates to how special meetings of council (unscheduled meetings) are called by AIBC Council. (The bylaw language was adopted as a council rule in 2012).
  • Bylaw 19.2 at 97 per cent
    Amendment of a bylaw that provides a mechanism for continuation of AIBC meetings, including annual meetings, to allow for a more reasonable and modern rescheduling date.
  • Bylaw 3.6 at 97 per cent
    Addition of a bylaw that designates the AIBC’s executive director as the “head” of the institute for freedom of information (FOI) legislation purposes. The AIBC is what is known as a “local public body” under BC FOI laws.

The voting results show an overall participation rate of almost 30 per cent from the approximately 1,880 members and honorary members who participated. This exceeds the voter turnout at previous annual meetings and paper ballot bylaw amendment votes.

Under the Architects Act, notice of bylaw changes must be sent to the provincial government within seven days of passage. The government then has 45 days to review such bylaws and consider whether to disallow them. If no action is taken by the province during that time, confirmation to members of final bylaw status will follow.

This occasion marks the first time AIBC conducted an electronic vote and judging from the participation and voting results, it has been a tremendous success. The smooth transition from paper to electronic ballots was made possible by the use of a proven service provider and project management by AIBC staff. As the voting results indicate, we received robust participation from members and honorary members. We look forward to conducting future votes electronically, including the 2016 council election.

Our thanks goes out to all members and honorary members who participated in this important process, as well as the members of the institute’s Bylaw Review Committee.

For more information about electronic voting and to read the three bylaw amendments (and supporting rationales), please visit the AIBC website.

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