Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and more design 3D-printed shoes for United Nude

By staff of Dezeen
Dezeen, April 13, 2015

Dezeen_ Flames_Zaha-Hadid_United-Nude-shoes_Milan-2015_dezeen_468_2

Image: Flames by Zaha Hadid

Milan 2015: five well-known architects and designers have created pairs of sculptural shoes for footwear brand United Nude made entirely on a 3D printer (+ slideshow).

United Nude founder Rem D Koolhaas enlisted architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Fernando Romero, and designers Ross Lovegrove and Michael Young, to create pairs of women’s shoes solely using 3D printing.

“We want to push the technology but I also wanted to push the silhouettes,” Koolhaas told Dezeen. “I also wanted to create conversational pieces and shoes that are not necessarily for everyday wearing but really are beautiful pieces and conversational pieces, almost like art.”

The shoes each took about 24 hours to print using a sPro 60 selective laser sintering (SLS) machine made by 3D printing company 3D Systems. Read more…

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