In Passing: Joe Pincus

Joe Pincus, the very popular and much loved librarian at the UBC School of Architecture Reading Room from the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s, passed away in Washington DC on May 21,2014, after a short but intense illness.

A highly cultured and easy-going person, Joe was a favourite of his students. He revitalized the Reading Room and revamped its systems to better serve their needs, often keeping the Reading Room open to all hours as required.  With his broad knowledge of the culture and history of architecture, Joe (who was not an architect) was an invaluable resource for everyone. He was generous with his time and help, giving reference for precedent, advice on papers and presentations, and even serving as a kind but rigorous editor.

Joe made the Reading Room his own.  Coming in late in the morning, he would grab a beer from the Old Auditorium Café and have smoke, before opening the premises and then staying as long and as late as the students needed.

Condolences to his wife Debra, who taught art history at UBC for many years.

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