Architecture Documentaries To Watch In 2015


By James Taylor-Foster
March 8, 2015, Arch Daily

Following our top 40 Architecture Docs to Watch in 2014 and our favourite 30 Architecture Docs to Watch in 2013 , 2015 is no exception! Our latest round up continues to feature a fantastic range of films and documentaries telling the tales of unsung architectural heroes and unheard urban narratives from around the world. This entirely fresh selection looks past the panoply of stars to bring you more of the best architectural documentaries which will provoke, intrigue and beguile.

From a film which explores one man’s dream to build a cathedral (#4) and a simultaneous history of and vision of Rotterdam’s future (#7), to a tour of the world’s last surviving squatter town in Copenhagen (#14) and A Short History of Abandoned Sets in Morocco (#16), we present – in no particular order – thirty freshly picked documentaries for you to watch in 2015.

1. The City Dark (2012) / Ian Cheney

After moving to New York City from rural Maine, Ian Cheney asks a simple question, “What do we lose when we lose the night?” Blending cutting-edge science and poetic footage of the night sky, Cheney unravels the implications of a globe glittering with lights, exploring ideas which suggest increased breast cancer rates, disrupted ecosystems, and a generation of kids without a glimpse of the universe above. The City Dark is the definitive story of earth’s disappearing night sky. Read more…


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