Architect builds passively-cooled Tree Top Studio



Tree Top Studio was completed in 2014 (Photo: Sam Noonan)

By Adam Williams
February 16, 2015, Gizmag

What do you do if you’re an award-winning architect in need of a new home office, and you don’t want to extend or alter your impressive heritage-listed home? Well, if you happen to be Australia’s Max Pritchard, you roll your sleeves up and get busy building yourself an equally impressive forest retreat in your garden.

With the exception of the wiring, Pritchard tackled all of Tree Top Studio’s design and construction himself, including the bookcase and circular table that are installed within.

“I think many architects would benefit from making the time to get this sort of experience,” Pritchard told Dezeen. “I’m probably going too far to say designers should be able to build their own designs, but certainly if they could build small structures it would help their understanding of the construction process and materials.” Read more…

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