40 Projects Shortlisted for the 2015 EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award


By Holly Giermann
February 10, 2015, ArchDaily

40 projects from 17 European countries have been shortlisted for the 2015 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award. Chosen from the 420 original nominees, five of the shortlisted projects will be chosen for the next round of selection, to be announced at the end of February in London. These selected architects will then present their projects before a committee on May 7, who will select one recipient of the highly esteemed international design award, as well as one recipient of the Emerging Architect Prize. The winners will be announced the following day at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona.

The next round of the decision process will consist of the jury visiting each of the five finalists’ designs to gain feedback from their occupants. Additionally, two publications showcasing the original 420 nominees and the five finalists will be presented at the final selection panel to recognize the stellar designs that have emerged in Europe over the past two years.

Of the remaining 40 projects, 40% of their programs represent cultural architecture, with lesser percentages representing educational, mixed use, religious, and urban works projects. This break-down is 16 Cultural, 4 Education, 3 Mixed Use, 3 Religious, 3 Urban, 2 Commercial, 2 Hotels, 2 Residential, 1 Funerary, 1 Landscape, 1 Single-family House, 1 Social Welfare, and 1 Sport of the shortlisted works.

The remaining 40 projects are the following: Read more…

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