Architect designs 30-metre-long canopy for Russia’s Milan Expo pavilion


By Nadia Beard
January 12, 205, The Calvert Journal

Russian-born German architect Sergei Tchoban has designed a 30-metre-long cantilevered canopy for Russia’s 2015 Milan Expo pavilion, whose theme this year is “Feeding the planet, Energy for Life”. The canopy, made from sustainably sourced timber and glass, will shelter the entrance to the Russian national pavilion and will feature a curving mirrored underside and a roof garden accessible to visitors above.

According to the architect, Tchoban and his team developed the pavilion as a celebration of Russian engineering. “Our basic starting point was to combine a simple yet memorable architectural structure with a facade formed from sustainable, ecologically sound materials,” Tchoban said. “But an equally important task in our architectural development was to inject the essence of Russia into the design.” Read more…

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