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2015 International Wood Symposium: Value, Quality and Efficiency – Taking Design and Construction to the Next Level

The 2015 International Wood Symposium is a one-day event specifically tailored to meet the needs of designers and builders. The program will inspire, educate and show examples of how wood building systems constructed off-site are expanding opportunities to create distinctive and expressive structures.  Off-site construction is becoming integral to innovative architecture, design, engineering and construction.  Experts from Finland, England, Austria, Scotland and Canada will present their experience, and the research currently taking place, show innovative applications that can be applied today and provide an overview of how these wood building systems are being used in diverse and complex ways. This comprehensive one-day international wood symposium is designed for architects, structural engineers, building officials and other design and construction professionals.

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre (West), 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $249
Learning Units (LUs): Each of the six symposiums are worth 1 Core LU
To Register: http://ams.cwc.ca/Live/AMS/Pages/ams-event-details/6577?isPreview=False

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