British Columbia Building Code Revisions Coming December 19, 2014

As has been noted previously in E-News, a number of changes to the BC Building Code come into effect December 19, 2014. Highlights include:

  • New Part 9 ventilation and energy requirements (9.32 and 9.36) 9.36
  • Schedules A and B Letters of Assurance have received minor formatting corrections, their content has not been amended, but architects are advised to use the correct, current editions, available here, as of the implementation date
  • Introduction of unique-to-BC provisions for Daycare facilities for children under 30 months in new article, complete with appendix notes
  • Revised Soil Gas Control provisions in 9.13.4.
  • Updated referenced standards, architects may need to update many specification sections.
    Many new, useful appendix notes which do not change the code requirements but assist in clarifying the meaning of various code requirements.

Replacement pages for those using printed versions of the code will be available soon at the British Columbia Codes web page.  In the meantime, the Ministerial Orders detailing the changes can be found at this site.

Online code users will see the changes as of the implementation date.

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