E-voting for AIBC Bylaws Update: Council Supports Three Bylaw Changes for 2015 E-vote

At the May 2014 annual meeting, members approved bylaws to allow the institute to conduct bylaw amendment and council election votes electronically.

At its November 2014 meeting, AIBC Council gave support to having three bylaw amendments advance to member consultation in anticipation of an e-vote in the spring of 2015.  The Bylaw Review Committee recommended three “administrative” bylaw amendments for the purposes of this initial electronic vote.

In summary, the proposed bylaw amendments are:

  • Repeal of a bylaw that relates to how special meetings of council (unscheduled meetings) are called by AIBC Council. (The bylaw language was adopted as a council rule in 2012);
  • Amendment of a bylaw that provides a mechanism for continuation of AIBC meetings, including annual meetings, to allow for a more reasonable and modern rescheduling date; and
  • Addition of a bylaw that designates the AIBC’s executive director as the “head” of the institute for freedom of information (FOI) legislation purposes.  The AIBC is what is known as a “local public body” under BC FOI laws.

More information about the history of the e-voting initiative can be found on the AIBC web site.  While the AIBC is not currently planning an electronic vote for council elections in 2015, an e-vote is proposed for the 2016 council election.

The institute will be providing ongoing information via eNews and the web site as well as interactive member consultation opportunities with respect to these proposed bylaw changes.  At any time, feedback can be provided to the Bylaw Review Committee on this issue using the bylawfeedback@aibc.ca address.

AIBC Council will be reviewing rules for the process of e-voting later this month.  In keeping with council policy, members will be notified and given an opportunity to provide feedback before such rules come into effect.

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