Architect designs the stunning, 183-square-foot house of your dreams


By Staff Of Business Insider
November 25, 2014, National Post

Tiny, sustainable living is becoming a more and more attractive solution to the problems of urban living.

So architects like the Johannesburg-based architect Clara da Cruz Almeida are coming up ingenious ways to make these teeny tiny spaces more livable.

Almeida designed and built a tiny 183-square-foot home — called the INDAWO / lifePOD — and suited it perfectly to the warm South African climate.

Though the square footage isn’t much to work with, Almeida worked closely with Johannesburg-based interior and product design firm Dokter and Misses on the pod’s clever fold-out couches, fold-down table, and enclosed storage that allow the space to transform instantaneously. Read more…

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