Robert Fulford: Will Postmodern Architecture Get Its Turn For Preservation?


By Robert Fulford
National Post, November 18, 2014

Half a century ago, the usually dignified world of international architecture was embroiled in an angry controversy that created enemies across the profession and challenged its most sacred principles.  The issue was the appearance of postmodern buildings and what they meant for the future of design.  Was the long era of stripped-down, boxy modern architecture coming to an end?

Robert Venturi, a postmodern architect and theorist, brought to these questions a cheekiness typical of radical newcomers.  Architects had accepted that in functional modernism “Less is more” – the power of careful design eliminated the need for ornamentation and individualism.  Venturi came up with an emphatic denial: No, wrong! He gave postmodernism a slogan, “Less is a bore.” Modernism was filling the world with characterless, unappealing structures. Read more…

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