New Provincial Energy Advisor Available to Assist Architects

As part of the province’s building regulatory system modernization strategy, the Building and Safety Standards Branch has launched a new, temporary project to provide advice and leadership on achieving compliance with energy requirements within the BC Building Code. For the next eighteen months, Zachary May, Senior Codes Administrator, will be your Compliance Advisor for energy requirements. He will be available to help you understand the new Part 3 and Part 9 energy code changes and technical requirements.

Zac has been involved in the adoption of these requirements and is great at helping code users understand technical matters in a matter-of-fact way. Zac will be a “coaching” resource for code users by:

  • Proactively providing technical advice and assistance to industry and local governments specifically on ASHRAE 90.1 2010, NECB 2011 and requirements for Part 9 buildings by means of bulletins, presentations and support for their education delivery efforts;
  • Developing program and policy recommendations on how to improve compliance with energy efficiency requirements of the BC Building Code; and
  • Working with the Homeowner Protection Office on coordinated training and education for residential building energy efficiency requirements.

This project was created in response to stakeholder feedback and in partnership with BC Hydro.  The Building and Safety Standards Branch is committed to working with code users and finding ways to support their efforts to comply with the energy requirements in the BC Building Code.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact:

Zachary May
Senior Codes Administrator
Compliance Advisor – Energy
Phone: 778-679-9641

REMINDER:  The new Part 9 energy efficiency requirements take effect December 19, 2014. To find out more about the pending changes, check the Building and Safety Standards Branch technical bulletins.

The Building Officials’ Association of BC (BOABC), in conjunction with AIBC, will be delivering education seminars in ten locations throughout the province on these Part 9 energy efficiency requirements.  These seminars will deal with the new energy provisions of the code.

This is an AIBC Registered Educational Provider (REP) event. Attendees will earn seven core LUs. Architects working on Part 9 buildings are strongly advised to attend. Learn more and register.



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