Architecture Matters: Project success driven by team

By Pierre Gallant 
Oct 2, 2014, Daily Commercial News

Every profession sees itself as a leader. Architecture is no exception.

The realization of a building requires a formidable team, and each member of the team is in a position of leadership during some of the phases of the project.

For example: at the programming stage, the owner is in the lead; during the development permit stage, it can be argued that the municipality’s planning personnel is in the lead; during the design stage, the architect leads; during construction, the builder leads. Equally important are the contributions of the specialist consultants (usually our engineering colleagues), the trades, the suppliers, and many more.

Building projects start with an owner who works with the architect to translate the dream or need into an eventual reality.

To turn dreams into realities requires the architect typically to consider sociological, cultural, environmental, economic and regulatory factors. Society now expects that the architect will also consider sustainability. Read more…

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