New Bulletin From City of Vancouver on Energy Statements Required On Drawings

Please note that effective January 1st, 2015, all drawing sets for building projects subject to ASHRAE 90.1 or NECB are required to include Energy Statements per Bulletin 2014-004-BU.

The energy webpage has been updated to include a description with a download of an easy-to-use tool to generate the energy statements needed for either an ASHRAE 90.1 project or an NECB project.  Please see the Energy Statement tool for ASHRAE projects document for further information.

*** Please note:  Although the requirement is not mandatory until January 1, 2015, the City of Vancouver encourages and appreciates the immediate implementation of adding these statements to drawings on projects presently going through the building permit process.


As part of the City of Vancouver’s Green City Action Plan to reduce building energy usage and GHG emissions, the City is looking at a comprehensive approach to building energy, starting with the design of new construction and continuing over a building’s life by preparing for future renovations that, effective January 1, 2015 with the new Building Bylaw, will require some form of energy-related upgrade or assessment.

In order to make this process as smooth as possible, the City will require energy “statements” on design drawings that in future will become archive drawings, referenced by future design teams.  The purpose of this process is to provide a simple yet accurate way of determining the energy design criteria used in a building’s original design, and subsequent upgrades.  These energy statements will provide a foundation upon which future design teams can assess building performance and determine the most effective approach to achieve their energy upgrade goals.

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