BC Building Code Changes: Implementing December 19, 2014

Several changes are coming to the BC Building Code on December 19, 2014. There are a number of resources available to help Code users understand these changes, who they impact, and how to comply with the new requirements. Some of these changes amend existing sections of the Code, while others introduce new content and concepts.

The Ministerial Orders adopting these changes are posted here: http://housing.gov.bc.ca/building/code/revisions.htm

Everyone is encouraged to review the attached technical bulletins and guides in preparation for the effective date of December 19, 2014:

B14-02 What’s New? – A bulletin summarizing the most recent changes to the Code, with references to other bulletins and resources.

B14-03 Miscellaneous Changes – This bulletin addresses many of the minor recent revisions to the 2012 BC Building Code, including updated standards, errata, and clarified intent of some requirements.

B14-04 Daycare Facilities  – This bulletin outlines recent changes to Daycare requirements as well as clarifying the intended application of existing requirements.

B14-05 9.32. Ventilation – This bulletin provides an overview of the significantly updated ventilation requirements for residential dwelling units, such as houses and apartments. In addition to the Minister’s Order available on our website, a formatted version of the new 9.32 text and appendix notes can be seen here: See 9.32. Ventilation – December 2014, and Appendix-9.32. December 2014. 

B1406 Thermal Performance of ‘Rainscreen’ Assemblies – This bulletin outlines how to calculate the thermal performance of wall assemblies that include a capillary break, also known as a ‘rainscreen’ assembly.  The new Section 9.36. requires builders to calculate the performance of all parts of the building, and this bulletin provides information required to complete this calculation for ‘rainscreen’ assemblies.

B14-07 Radon – This bulletin provides an overview of the updated requirements in the BC Building Code related to soil gases, such as radon, which is a known hazard in communities east of the Coastal mountain range. 

All technical bulletins and new Code requirements will be posted to the Building and Safety Standards Branch website in the near future.

Please address questions regarding these changes or any other Building Code related issues to our technical inquiry inbox: codequestion@gov.bc.ca

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