Advisory Note to all CES Participants

REP Event  Providers:  We are aware that some organizations are misrepresenting themselves as part of the AIBC Registered Educational Provider (REP) program. In some cases this has caused compliance problems for CES Participants.  As a gentle reminder to our members, please make sure that you  look for the AIBC CES logo when attending seminars, workshops and other educational events which may advertise that they are eligible for learning units. If you don’t see the AIBC CES logo and attendance sheet, you will need to self-report the event.

Self-Reporting:  Learning units for any legitimate REP-approved event will be entered for you. If the event is not approved and you wish to obtain LUs for your attendance and participation, you are required to self-report your LUs.

Verify your Records:  If you are unsure if an event is approved, please ask the instructor/presenter of the event. Finally as a follow up, after each event, please make sure you check your record to ensure that your learning activity is properly entered and received.

Thank you for your attention.  We are working hard to ensure all CES participants have the tools and the knowledge to be CES compliant.

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