The House of Hammocks in Vienna

By Elizabeth Pagliacolo
Azure, August 12, 2014

A public space for daydreaming – Austrian firm Heri & Salli builds a second Flederhaus in the Flugheld Aspern district.

Imagine a public building without a facade, one that invites you to scale its many levels before choosing a hammock to doze away on and enjoy the last days of summer. In Vienna, Heri & Salli has created just that – and it’s the second time they’ve done so. Their new Flederhaus (or “bat house”) is a prefab structure with a gabled roof located in Flugheld Aspern, a district on the outskirts of Vienna that is currently being developed for residential use. The open-air structure rises like a playful symbol, its five levels kitted out with 32 hammocks. It invites locals to walk right in, and lie down while taking in a full panorama of their surroundings…more

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