The House of Hammocks in Vienna

By Elizabeth Pagliacolo
Azure, August 12, 2014

A public space for daydreaming – Austrian firm Heri & Salli builds a second Flederhaus in the Flugheld Aspern district.

Imagine a public building without a facade, one that invites you to scale its many levels before choosing a hammock to doze away on and enjoy the last days of summer. In Vienna, Heri & Salli has created just that – and it’s the second time they’ve done so. Their new Flederhaus (or “bat house”) is a prefab structure with a gabled roof located in Flugheld Aspern, a district on the outskirts of Vienna that is currently being developed for residential use. The open-air structure rises like a playful symbol, its five levels kitted out with 32 hammocks. It invites locals to walk right in, and lie down while taking in a full panorama of their surroundings…more

BCIT – School of Construction and the Environment

Energy Modelling for Building Professionals

This course introduces the principles, procedures and benefits of energy modelling to enable building professionals to usefully and efficiently incorporate energy modelling into the design process. This will include a review of building orientation, envelope design, space configurations and massing, opportunities to minimize the need for mechanical equipment (e.g., passive design and net-zero solutions), complemented by a field trip to a building site. The lab portion of the course will comprise a “hands-on” introduction and comparison of a selection of leading modelling tools, their use, and how to improve accuracy in gauging the relationship between predictive modelling and building performance outcomes post-occupancy. The following tools will be reviewed: AutoCAD, EE4, eQuest, IESVE, Energy Plus, THERM, WINDOW, RETScreen, Sketchup, and Revit. The course is 15 weeks long, with classes being held on Fridays at 1pm – 5pm at the Downtown Campus, starting on September 2014. For registration and other details, please visit BCIT.

45 Core LUs

CanaData Construction Industry Forecasts Conference West

CanaData Construction Industry Forecasts Conference West, October 23, 2014 (Special AIBC rate)

The CanaData Construction Industry Forecasts Conference West  – October 23, 2014 Vancouver, BC is slated to be Western Canada’s most prestigious and influential gathering of construction industry professionals.

Find out how today’s social, economic and political forces are impacting the industry’s future – and how you can prepare for it. Discover how Canada’s construction and manufacturing sectors will meet the challenges of tomorrow. With accurate, authoritative economic projections from leading experts, this annual conference delivers industry intelligence needed to create accurate, detailed business plans for your company’s future.

Find out more about the conference and how to register.  All AIBC registrants are eligible for $50 off registration fee.