2014 Building Access Handbook

The Building Access Handbook 2014 is now available for your reference and can be found on our website. The content of the new handbook has been updated, from the 2007 edition, to align with the 2012 BC Building Code. This update also includes adaptable housing guidelines, which were added to the BC Building Code in 2009. The illustrations and commentary in this handbook have been prepared to assist users of the British Columbia Building Code to understand the diversity and complexity of the “Building Requirements for Persons with Disabilities,” contained in Section 3.8 of Division B and elsewhere throughout the Code.

This handbook gives users background information on the reasons for certain requirements. It also gives suggestions, through text and illustrations, on how many of the requirements can be implemented. With this kind of information it is hoped that users will have a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the Code requirements for persons with disabilities and be better able to design and construct accessible buildings.

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