Role Call: Oral Reviewers

Are you interested in helping to develop the next generation of B.C. architects? The institute is looking to expand its roster of volunteer architects to serve as oral reviewers.  The oral review is a crucial step in the process for intern architects and alternative qualifications candidates seeking to register with the AIBC. As part of a three-person review panel, it is the reviewer’s task to  assesses and evaluate a candidate’s ability to understand the practice of architecture and how it is carried out and regulated in British Columbia. Reviewers should have a minimum of 5 years of experience practicing architecture; a good grasp of the practice and regulation of architecture in BC; good communications skills; and tact. Oral reviews are held three times per year (February, June and October). Reviewers are entitled to one self-reported non-core learning unit for each evening of attendance. Those interested are invited to contact AIBC’s Admissions Coordinator, Belinda Chao, at

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