E-Voting Bylaws for Council Elections and Bylaw Amendments Now In Force

AIBC bylaws permitting electronic voting (“e-voting”) for annual council elections and bylaw amendments are now in force.

At the May 3, 2014 annual meeting, AIBC members and honorary members voted 86% in favour of new Bylaw 24.3 (e-voting for council elections) and 80 per cent in favour of new Bylaw 35.4 (e-voting for bylaw changes). The new bylaws were submitted to the provincial government, which under the Architects Act, had a 45-day window to voice concerns or disallow the bylaws. This disallowance period lapsed in late June.

Next steps include AIBC Council establishing rules for the conduct of council elections and rules to allow for amendments to bylaws, both by electronic means.  Under new council policies passed in June, members would be given notification of these rules and an opportunity to provide feedback. AIBC Council will determine whether any future bylaw amendments or council elections will proceed by electronic vote.

Should you have any questions, please contact Professional Conduct Coordinator Gayle Roberts (groberts@aibc.ca).

Updated AIBC Bylaws

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