Annual Meeting Summary

The AIBC hosted the 95th Annual Meeting on May 3, 2014, at Simon Fraser University (Segal Building), Vancouver. Once quorum (91) was met, the annual meeting was called to order. The number of members and honorary members in attendance was 108.

Please note that during the week of April 7, the 2014 Annual Meeting Booklet was posted on the AIBC website, and mailed to members, honorary members and other registrants.

The following are highlights of the meeting:

– The first order of business was to officially close the election period. Stationed in another room, election scrutineers began counting the ballots for the five council positions and the one intern architect liaison position. There were no candidates for the architectural technologist liaison. After all the ballots were counted, the 2014/2015 AIBC Council and election results were announced. There were 406 valid ballots cast for the council positions and 37 for the intern architect liaison position.

– Adoption of the minutes (amended) from the 2013 AIBC Annual 2013 June 1 Annual Meeting Minutes – Adopted.

– Recognition of those AIBC members and other registrants who passed away in the previous 12 months. PowerPoint Slide Deck, page 26-27.

– Presentation by AIBC Council president Scott Kemp Architect AIBC on the President’s Report entitled “Moving Forward”. The President’s Report, included in the 2014 Annual Meeting Booklet, can be found on pages 18-20.

– Filing of the annual Audited Financial Statements and appointment of the auditor were followed by the Treasurer’s Report, presented by AIBC councilor and finance committee member David Toole, LG Appointee, in lieu of AIBC treasurer Cal Meiklejohn Architect AIBC. The Financial Statements and Treasurer’s Report are located on pages 21-37 and 38-43, respectively, in the 2014 Annual Meeting Booklet.

– Following a presentation by Bylaw Review Committee chair Brian Sim Architect AIBC, members voted on two new bylaws permitting electronic voting (“e-voting”) for 1) annual council elections and, 2) bylaw amendments. Both motions passed by special (more than 2/3) majority. Documentation regarding the 2014 Proposed Amendments to the AIBC Bylaws was included in the 2014 Annual Meeting Booklet.  They can be found on pages 51-54.

– There were three presentations on council initiatives:
– Strategic Engagement Steering Committee: AIBC Council vice-president Darryl Condon Architect AIBC spoke about the organization’s stakeholder engagement initiative. He then introduced SB Communications consultant Stephen Bruyneel who gave a summary of findings from Phase 1 of the initiative, and outlined a number of recommendations for Phase 2.
– The Associate Task Force presentation was given by AIBC councilor Steve Simons, LG Appointee.
– The Diverse Membership Working Group presentation was given by AIBC councilor Mona Jahedi Architect AIBC.

Please refer to the Annual Meeting PowerPoint Slide Deck.

– As at past annual meetings, the floor was opened to the Members’ Forum. Two advisory “member motions” were brought forward, summarized as follows. The first motion asking council to consider posting online annual meeting material in one location (brought forward earlier in the annual meeting) carried. The second motion asking council to consider harmonizing the Architects Act with building codes in order to define the architect’s role was defeated. Please review the May 3 Annual Meeting Draft Minutes regarding the two member motions.

– AIBC executive director Michael Ernest Architect AIBC made an announcement that he will be leaving his position with the AIBC, effective October 2014 and no later than January 2015. During the transition period, Mr. Ernest and the AIBC Council will work towards a smooth handoff of operational matters to a new executive director. The room broke out in thunderous applause after AIBC Council president Scott Kemp personally thanked Mr. Ernest and lauded him on his contribution, passion and dedication to the AIBC.

-An appreciative thank you to those who attended and participated, to the AIBC staff and to registered parliamentarian, Mr. Eli Mina.

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