Vancouver Draw Down

Now in its 5th year, Vancouver Draw Down is an annual celebration of drawing in everyday life that challenges preconceptions about drawing and works to reconnect everyone with the power and creative pleasure of making marks.

Vancouverites of all ages are invited to take part in hands-on drawing events, across the city in community centres, museums, art galleries, and on the street! Workshops, developed and led by professional artists, offer the opportunity to explore drawing in person and online. This day-long, city-wide celebration focuses on the process, pleasure and diversity of drawing, rather than on skill and technical ability.

Vancouver Draw Down 2014 takes place on Saturday, June 14, 2014 in venues across Vancouver, Canada.

Furniture Auction

Designer furniture and miscellaneous office items are for sale via online auction. The auction closes May 29, 2014. See the online auction catalogue here.

Rosa Sheng Wants To Know Why So Few Leaders In Architecture Are Women

By Wanda Lau
May 14, 2014, ARCHITECT

Rosa Sheng, the chairperson of The Missing 32% Project wants to know why so few leaders in architecture are women.

It’s no secret that men outnumber women in the design profession, and even more so in senior leadership roles. But where did the women architecture students go? This winter, The Missing 32% Project, an organization with roots in AIA San Francisco, asked why architecture firms are largely headed by men and what firms can do to promote equity. Nearly 2,300 people—60 percent women, 40 percent men—responded to the online survey. Results are due out this summer. Chairperson Rosa Sheng, AIA, a senior associate in Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s San Francisco office, spoke with ARCHITECT on the challenges women face in the profession.

Explain the name The Missing 32%.
Based on information from AIA National a few years ago, in the United States, women represent about 50 percent of students enrolled in architecture programs, but only 18 percent of licensed architects. Since that original statistic, the actual number is a moving target, so the number 32 itself is less of a significant factor, [but more a representation of] the large percentage of women who are not getting licensed, being supported, or advancing into leadership positions in traditional firm structures.

We chose the name The Missing 32% as a jarring [reminder] that the number should be closer to 50/50. It also serves as an activist-oriented call to action for both women and men who mutually believe that equitable practice is critical to advancing architecture as a profession.

What are the survey’s goals?
The survey is trying to figure out where choke points occur in the progression of one’s career path as an architect—mainly for women, but for men as well. One of them is licensure, which I think is kind of a non-factor … but when you couple that with the biological clock, and people begin having families, [it’s easy to get] distracted. Many firms require that you get licensed in order to advance, which makes sense for liability reasons. Read more…

New Vancouver Building Bylaw Course – SOLD OUT

New Vancouver Building Bylaw Course Now Offered - Draft 3

The new Vancouver Building Bylaw’s implementation date is July 1, 2014. In anticipation, the AIBC, in collaboration with the City of Vancouver and APEGBC, will be presenting a day long session on the new bylaw, on Thursday, June 12, 2014.  The program will focus on the ‘unique to Vancouver’ provisions, and will provide participants with the information they need to work effectively with these new building regulations in the City of Vancouver. Presenters will be experienced city staff who have been on the team creating the new bylaw. Both Part 3 and Part 9 requirements will be covered. This session will be of interest to architects, professional engineers, technicians and designers working on projects in the City of Vancouver.

Date: June 12, 2014
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00pm
Location:  Vancouver City Hall (453 W 12th Avenue), Main Floor Town Hall meeting room
Cost: $220
LUs: 7 core learning units

There are plans to offer this course again in September 2014. More information coming soon.