Terminal City Re-wired Exhibition

Alfie Italia would like to invite you to “Viva Friday!”  It all kicks off on Friday, May 23rd, at 6pm at 302 West Cordova street.  This inaugural night they will feature a collection of paintings by Peter Ridgway Architect AIBC.  Peter will be exhibiting 17 pieces from his recent collection of 35 at their opening exhibition entitled “Terminal City Re-Wired”.  The pieces are in part a response to the universal question of what our collective futures hold for us as a society of 7.2 billion on planet earth.

Part story telling, part visioning, a perspective of transformation evolves out of the work that ties into recent events; scientific discoveries of the intricate workings of the brain, our ability to communicate our thoughts electronically and what these might mean in our evolving world.  For more information please visit their website.

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