AIBC Architectural Awards – Announcement

Over the last two years, we have ‘unbundled’ specific events formerly conjoined with our annual conference. The institute’s calendar for members and associates is now richer over the course of the year. Also, operational resources and attention are focussed more evenly on those events, received positively by their participants.

To date, the Volunteer Recognition and Induction/Retirement celebrations as well as the Annual Meeting … each with its distinct purpose and blend of members, associates, families and colleagues in attendance … have all benefited from their own autonomous promotion, delivery, venue and timing.

Next to undergo such re-positioning is the AIBC Architectural Awards, the multi-faceted program coordinated by the AIBC to showcase the best in BC architecture. That program’s next iteration is being planned for March 2015. One corollary, of course, is that our upcoming annual conference (October 8-10, 2014) will not include an adjunct Architectural  Awards Gala. Accordingly (and many thanks to the people who have already expressed interest) the ‘call’ and deadline for awards submissions will occur at a date later in 2014.

During the interval, we are taking  the opportunity to review the Architectural Awards program to ensure its ongoing success is in alignment with our mandate and 2014-2018 Strategic Plan.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months ahead. Suggestions are encouraged to the attention of Grace Battiston, Director of Communications at

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