2014 AIBC Council Election Results

There were seven nominees put forward for five positions on the 2014/2015 AIBC Council. The following are the names of the nominees and their votes received. There were 406 valid ballots cast.

  • Laurence (Chip) Barrett (149)
  • Robert G. Chester (112)
  • Danica Djurkovic* Architect AIBC (322)
  • David Dove* Architect AIBC (313)
  • John Etcher* Architect AIBC (198)
  • Karl W. Gustavson* Architect AIBC (291)
  • Gordon C. Richards* Architect AIBC (291)


In addition, five Intern Architects were nominated for one Liaison to the AIBC Council. There were 37 valid ballots cast. The votes received were as follows:

  • Derek DeLand (7)
  • Eleonore Leclerc (5)
  • Julien Leger (3)
  • Wai Yan Leung* (16)
  • Spencer Purdy (3)


This year, no nominations were received for the Architectural Technologist Liaison to council. The newly constituted AIBC Council will consider and invite a liaison.

Thank you to all nominees for volunteering to provide a voice in the public arena and for your commitment to the AIBC.

For a list of the newly elected 2014/2015 AIBC Council, please click here.

Newly Elected 2014/2015 AIBC Council

2014/15 AIBC COUNCIL - no border

Front row (left to right): Catherine Nickerson Architect AIBC, Danica Djurkovic Architect AIBC (Treasurer), Mona Jahedi Architect AIBC, Chris Macdonald FRAIC, S. Ross Rettie, P.Eng.

Back row (left to right): Darryl J. Condon Architect AIBC (Vice President), David Dove Architect AIBC, Gordon C. Richards Architect AIBC, Scott Kemp Architect AIBC (President), Wai Yan Leung Intern Architect AIBC, David Toole, John Etcher Architect AIBC, Steven Simons, Karl W. Gustavson Architect AIBC (Registrar)

Absent: Dr. Mark Zacharias, Sean Ruthen Architect AIBC

Newly Elected 2014/2015 AIBC Council

The AIBC is pleased to announce the 2014/2015 AIBC Council and Invited Guests to Council.

Council elections were held May 3 in Vancouver in conjunction with the AIBC Annual Meeting. Following the adjournment of the annual meeting, council elected its slate of officers for the 2014/2015 council year.

The 15-member AIBC Council is comprised of ten architects (Architects AIBC) who are elected by their peers for two-year terms (five positions in each election year); four Lieutenant Governor Appointees who are non-architect public representatives appointed by the provincial government; and one representative of The University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

The AIBC Council also extends an invitation to guests to sit in a non-voting capacity. The four guest positions are: immediate Past-President (invited by council), Intern Architect Liaison (elected by Intern Architects AIBC), Architectural Technologist Liaison (elected by Architectural Technologists AIBC) and Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC) Liaison (invited by council and IDIBC).

Please join in welcoming new and returning members to the 2014/2015 AIBC Council.

AIBC Officers: 

  • President: Scott Kemp Architect AIBC
  • Vice President: Darryl J. Condon Architect AIBC
  • Treasurer: Danica Djurkovic Architect AIBC
  • Registrar: Karl W. Gustavson Architect AIBC

Newly Elected AIBC Councilors:

  • Danica Djurkovic Architect AIBC (Treasurer)
  • David Dove Architect AIBC
  • John Etcher Architect AIBC
  • Karl W. Gustavson Architect AIBC (Registrar)
  • Gordon C. Richards Architect AIBC

AIBC Councilors completing their second year: 

  • Darryl J. Condon Architect AIBC (Vice President)
  • Mona Jahedi Architect AIBC
  • Scott Kemp Architect AIBC (President)
  • Catherine Nickerson Architect AIBC
  • Sean Ruthen Architect AIBC

Returning LG Appointees to AIBC Council:

  • S. Ross Rettie, P.Eng.
  • Steven Simons
  • David Toole
  • Dr. Mark Zacharias

Returning UBC SALA representative to AIBC Council:

  • Chris Macdonald FRAIC

Guests to AIBC Council (non-voting)

  • Immediate Past President: David Yustin Architect AIBC
  • Intern Architect AIBC : Wai Yan Leung  Intern Architect AIBC
  • Architectural Technologist Liaison:  name to follow
  • IDIBC Liaison: name to follow

For a full listing of AIBC Council members, elected and appointed, as well as invited representatives, visit the AIBC web site.  Click for a Summary of the election results.

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