Space for Life Architecture Competition Finalists Announced

The Montréal Space for Life, in keeping with their desire to meld art, science and emotion, announced the launch of an architecture competition of international scope, on February 10, 2014. The competition, inspired by the Space for Life mission, called for designs for three major projects: the Insectarium Metamorphosis, the Biodôme Renewal and a new Glass Pavilion at the Botanical Garden.

The Space for Life sought creative and innovative input of the world’s top designers. An international jury selected the winners. The Ministère des Affaires municipales, Régions et Occupation du territoire du Québec has allocated a $45 million budget for the three projects, which will stand as legacies of Montréal’s 375th anniversary and are part of the Space for Life development plan.

The finalists in the Montréal Space for Life architecture competition were announced. After deliberating on April 3 and 4, the jury announced its decision to the city of Montréal Executive Committee.

During this first stage, the participants had to present their vision for one or more of the three projects. Many Quebec firms allied with partners from abroad and other Canadian provinces. Eight teams were chosen to take part in the next stage in the competition and to submit more detailed concepts for one or more of the projects.

Of the 59 proposals received, 22 were for the Insectarium Metamorphosis, 11 for the Biodôme Renewal and 27 for the Glass Pavilion. Four finalist teams were chosen for each project. Learn more…

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