Architect Raymond Moriyama launches $100K prize

CBC News
April 04, 2014

Celebrated Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama is launching a $100,000 prize this fall that is being billed as one of the largest architectural prizes in the world.

Established jointly with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Foundation, the Moriyama RAIC International Prize will celebrate an outstanding building or project by an architect, a group of collaborators or an international firm anywhere in the world.

Alternately, the prize could also be awarded to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the field of architecture.

The $100,000 prize will be awarded every two years and will be accompanied by a handcrafted sculpture by Canadian artist Wei Yew — a distinctive trophy that will depict abstractions of the Canadian landscape.

Each winner will be chosen through an open, juried competition.

“My hope is that this prize will raise not only the stature of the RAIC internationally, but also the stature of Canada, and inspire Canadians and Canadian architects to aspire higher,” the 84-year-old Moriyama said in a statement.

“Anybody, young or old could apply and have a chance of winning.” More…

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