Annual Meeting: 2014 Role Call for Motions Review Committee

2014 Role Call for Motions Review Committee

AIBC council has established a Motions Review Committee to assist the institute with the Members’ Motions portion of the Member Forum at the upcoming AIBC Annual Meeting on May 3 2014.  This ad hoc committee’s primary roles are: to review members’ motions (including those which are submitted and published in advance of the members’ forum) to ensure that they are consistent with professional expectations; and to manage the Members’ Motions portion of the Members’ Forum.

Architects interested in contributing to this engaging aspect of the member-institute dialogue are invited to submit their expressions of interest.  While this calls for a reasonable understanding of AIBC processes and the ability to share in management of a dynamic session, members from diverse backgrounds and experience are invited to participate.

Please direct your expression of interest to participate on the committee to Tracy Tough, Executive Coordinator at The committee’s terms of reference are available upon request.

Annual Meeting: Members’ Forum and Members’ Motions

The Annual Meeting agenda allows for a Members’ Forum segment. In 2014, the Members’ Forum is scheduled before the end of the Annual Meeting, time permitting. If held, the Members’ Forum will be an opportunity to raise, discuss and debate issues of interest of concern to the profession. It is intended as a civil, collegial discussion amongst architects, associates and members of AIBC council.

The Members’ Forum also provides the opportunity for members to bring forth new ideas and fresh perspectives in the form of advisory motions to council (“Members’ Motions”). Such motions must be properly constructed, concise, complete, unambiguous and in writing. While strictly advisory in nature and not binding on AIBC council, Members’ Motions that meet with the support of the membership will go to council for its consideration.

All Members’ Motions received will be directed to the Motions Review Committee, a group of members who will ensure they meet the above-noted criteria; are clearly understandable; and are consistent with the Architects Act, AIBC bylaws and the AIBC Code of Ethics.

While it is recommended that Members Motions be submitted by April 25, additional motions may be submitted (to the Executive Director or a member of the Motions Review Committee) up to 30 minutes after the Annual Meeting has been called to order. Anyone bringing forward a motion must have a written version of the proposed motion in hand at the meeting, and be prepared to speak to it, with a seconder already identified. For further information, refer to the Members’ Forum Protocols.

In the event that time does not allow for all Members’ Motions to be heard, any motions not aired at the annual meeting will still be considered by AIBC Council.